The Words I Could’ve Said

First, I want to apologize to you, for the misunderstanding that took place between us and for what I’ve done. I’m sorry that I’ve hurt you. I wanted to apologize, yet I decided not to.

There are things I can never take back. Those moments turned memories that we could’ve shared. Topics that we should’ve delved into, but I decided that I should stop.

I sincerely apologize for not keeping my promise to always be there for you. I’m sorry I wasn’t the person you could cling to. I’m sorry I couldn’t be one.

I know it’s so unfair for your part. It was hard for me too but it had to be done. I would have talked about it, yet I didn’t. I was afraid of making the situation worse. I put out a “few” more messages for you without mentioning your name. In hopes that one day, you’d read them. Even if you don’t, I’m still sorry.

The pain I’ve cost you was enough. That’ why I decided to stop. I still miss you and hope you’re happy. Someday, you’d be able to find someone who would fill the space I left in your heart. I hope this person helps you realize that there’s still beauty in this world. May she give you everything that you deserve, for that person was never me.

As we continue to walk our individual paths, never to cross again, I sincerely wish you knew how grateful I am to have met you. Even though I had to let go, I am still thankful for the memories we had together. Do please love yourself before anyone else.

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