Only a few acknowledged my illness. Years passed, my state worsened. Still, they forced me to repeat the words “I do not have a disability”. 

In their eyes, I had none.  

It was a Taboo Subject

I wasn’t prepared Then again, nothing could’ve prepared me for this. Not the telenovelas, the novels and certainly not the textbooks or school seminars.Not even my extensive knowledge on my family’s history could remove the blow of the verdict.It didn’t help that it was treated like an open secret. Open to criticisms, forced to be a secret.

No one should ever go through the pain burdened with loneliness. 


From diagnosis to living with the illness. Share stories and the trials you’ve faced.  Open up and reach out, your story can change the tide. 

This is the place where I, and hopefully you, can talk about illnesses, of ALL KINDS.