Being a Dreamer in the digital age is seen as a crime, imperfection and somewhat pathetic.

However, being a dreamer is an advantage, a drive and a way to achieve success. 

A place where we share ourselves, memories and experiences as Dreamers.

It was a Taboo Subject

We both took Communications in hopes of working in the industry. Not a lot of people make it through. There were times we experienced humiliation and injustice.

Times when we do it ourselves. When our perks become a disadvantage. 

Us being Dreamers always caused problems until we decided to embrace our flaws and all and make it our weapon.

It was a taboo, now it isn’t.

Share stories and the trials you’ve faced.  Open up and reach out, your story can change the tide. 

This is the place where we, and hopefully you, can talk about being a Dreamer.

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