The Story Behind DreamerWithMS

No one deserves to face their illnesses alone

By Miranieva Buen

For years, I was told that everything will go away when I reach puberty. That I won’t be sickly anymore and I can live like a normal kid for once. 

It hurts that I really don’t know normalcy as others do. 

While people went out and took their college entrance examinations, I was in the hospital, quarantined and receiving steroids via IV. Others experienced going out of town for barkada trips while I went out of town for laboratory tests that were not available in our city.

I didn’t live my teenage life to the fullest as every disabled protagonists do. My limitations were clear and my life would be on the line should I ever cross it. 

My main disability, Multiple Sclerosis, is rare in the Philippines. An estimated 8,500 reported cases of Multiple Sclerosis was reported by the Department of Health. It does not help that people don’t know about these illnesses and don’t care at all. Such crab mentality has turned most people into close-minded robots with no empathy. 

To be rejected by the only department that could give me a PWD card three times is an insult and shows just how much we lack knowledge in Chronic Illnesses. They judged be in my best state and ignored the possibilities of my relapse. For my illness to be belittled all because it’s invisible has a large impact on how I live my life today. 

Rejected for jobs, abhorred by socialists and gossipers. To be attacked online because apparently I am not ill and I am only poisoning myself. It’s not easy to live with these diseases. I don’t need to prove anything and yet I am forced to. Living with a disability is a struggle and to face the wrath of society for being different does take a toll. Yes, I can act like I don’t care but that won’t solve the problem. I want to address that problem.


Because I don’t want others to be thrown in this vicious cycle. So while I can, I’m going to write about it. 

about DreamerWithMs/MB Buen

MB Buen is a rookie writer who lives with a lot of illnesses. She has complications from head to toe and it’s a wonder how she’s still alive today. With goals of becoming a successful writer and an advocate for human rights, she also studies campaigns. She finished college with a degree in Journalism and plans to take her Masters soon. Probably online because of her delicate health. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram @mbbuen_dreamerwithms and @dreamerwithms16. 

She’s also a contributor for The Word of the Nerd. For writing services, you may contact her via gmail, dreamerwithms@gmail.com