The Story Behind DreamerWithMS

For Dreamers who are asked to grow up. For the Girls struggling to achieve perfection. The Depressed who can’t be happy, the Disabled being an outcast to society.

We are here for you.

By MBBuen and Pixie Lewis

MB and Pixie are friends who decided to share their lives in order to help each other reach their dreams the way they know how. 

Pixie is a Dreamer with a heart of gold and a creative mind. She believes that Dreamers have creative minds and that for her, DreamerWithMS stands for Dreamer with Motivation and Self-Awareness. Pixie believes that failing on the way will only help you grow in order to make your dream turn into a reality.

For MB, DreamerWithMS stands for being a Dreamer while living in a body riddled with Multiple Sclerosis which controls her abilities to this day. Still, she aims to use what’s left of her abilities in order to grow as an individual and achieve success in life.

DreamerWithMS is not just a website but a line that allows them to reach out to people just like them-dreamers, outcasts, chronically disabled, depressed and much more. This website is not all sunshine and rainbows. However, it is also not all gloomy skies and dark nights. Reality is bittersweet and finding the balance in between can make things better. This is Pixie and MB’s way to do just that.

about DreamerWithMS

DreamerWithMS is a website made by MB and Pixie, two friends who love photography and writing. MB has a dark sense of humor and is currently trying to write while Pixie is a bubbly girl hidden behind a deadpan. 

They’ve been friends for more than six years and will continue to do so until they’re old. Pixie is a master with cameras and words while MB writes. A millennial duo that will make your life a bit crazier with the things they post.