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Bipolar Mania: behind the Term

“She is so bipolar“, “I’m so bipolar“, “I feel so bipolar right now”, “Bipolar Mania is a fad”

Bipolar Mania, manic-depressive disorder, there are many terms for this illness. It’s also the subject of misuse whether it’s in a Wattpad story or real life scenario. In a day and age of awakening, some people just can’t find it in themselves to use this term in a proper way. It’s been a mishandled subject and an overused term that it’s getting harder to fight the stigma that cages it.

What is Bipolar Mania?

It sure as hell isn’t an expression for someone’s overreaction. Not a term of confusion, nor an idiom for someone’s rude or weird actions. Bipolar Mania is a disease, an illness, that many people suffer from. Yes, emotions are involved in it but there’s so much more to that than you’d think. 

Ignorance, Prejudice, and Fear

These are the roots of stigma, one that has enabled many people to persecute bipolar patients and continue such actions without remorse. It’s not some trendy diagnosis that anyone can use so carelessly in books and movies, nor a simple word to convey one’s feelings. 

Internet access gives everyone a chance to research on Bipolar Mania, they don’t normally teach this in school. Bipolar Mania is always portrayed so wrongly in television and some people believe what they watch is more realistic than that of a research and so they believe what they see. The fear most people feel around bipolar patients stems from what they think they know, hence the presence of prejudice. 

Bipolar Mania, not an emotion

Emotions are involved, both in extreme and mild cases. To this day, there is no single definite cause for bipolar mania but may likely be a product of factors that interact. It isn’t a range of emotions that one can feel during elation. Attacks can range from extreme emotions to the lack of it. 

Yes, there are many people who live with this disorder. Millions, in a billion scale, scattered all over the globe. It doesn’t make anyone special the way people portray in their sarcastic views.

Untrendy Term

It’s not cool to use the word “bipolar mania” to conclude one’s feelings and actions. There’s nothing “hip” about throwing the term so carelessly and retaliating in rage when someone reacts on it. It’s not about being so sensitive. Correcting someone from purposely misusing a term is the right thing to do. It’s not a word one should throw around carelessly because it sounds cool. There’s nothing cool about suffering from bipolar mania. This doesn’t soften blows or help in clearing things up, it only complicates the stigma even more

I have it

It’s a disease linked to hormones, brain structure and imbalances, environmental factors and biological traits. So many, right? In my case, it is associated with my brain, suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. I’m still taking antidepressants and antipsychotics just so I can function better. I can’t talk to someone every day for a “normal therapy” as others term it. Yes, I can confess and talk, the problem is still there, with symptoms only I can feel. People who don’t understand or suffer from bipolar mania will definitely blast me for it. Heck, I even had a psychology student tell me I should stop acting ill. 

Some Symptoms

There are many symptoms under each episode. Mine is always associated with chronic pain and fatigue. Even when I’m at a manic episode where I’m supposed to be energetic, I’d still be in pain. Not only that, there are times when I hallucinate and scream because of the things only I can see. There was even a time wherein I thought it was 6 pm when I checked my phone, turns out I was hours in advance. That’s only some of the few symptoms, FEW. Can I detail my manic and depressive episodes? It changes, it shifts, one symptom after another. It’s complicated to a point wherein I just ask my psychiatrist from time to time. 

The Truth

The truth can’t set many people free because they choose to do so. Bipolar Mania will always be an illness, a disorder that people should take seriously. One can only stand in a patient’s shoes when they suffer from it. I believe people should respect that fact, that it’s a serious thing that should never be dismissed or used as a joke. Nor should it be used as a term for abusive people. This is only a bit of the truth behind the term often misused. There’s more to it, more than what the eyes can see, more than what fiction depicts it to 

Final Thoughts

It is sad to see people misuse “Bipolar Mania” as a trendy term on purpose. As those who suffer from it continue to fight for equality, there are others who just want to be cool to the point of dismissing the truth. There is a need to educate them but it’s their responsibility to do it themselves. It is a must to continue learning. If they can access social media so easily then I’m sure searching for Bipolar Mania on google is easy!

It isn’t a joke to live with a crippling disease. It is a netizen’s responsibility to educate themselves when no one can or would. It’s time to change such things, because the world still turns and there is no advantage for choosing to be, well, ignorant for the sake of a stupid trend. 

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