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A List of Complications Part I: The Nervous System

List of Complications Part I: Nervous System is the introduction to the illnesses that will later be blog entries under Illness and Experience. 

Multiple Sclerosis (Central Nervous System)

Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic illness that takes place in the CNS region. The immune system attacks the myelin sheath, causing demyelination to take place. It is an autoimmune disease that affects the body from head to toe. The type of MS I am suffering from is Progressive Relapse Multiple Sclerosis (PRMS). This is the type of MS that decreases the patient’s abilities after an attack.

Optic Neuritis (CNS)

Optic Neuritis is common in MS patients. This complication occurs in the CNS region. The Optic Nerves, that sends visual information from the eye to the brain, is swelling. This causes damage to take place and can end up to vision loss. Symptoms include but are not limited to:

Pain: Experiencing eye pain that is aggravated by movement

Change in Color Perception: This isn’t a case of color blindness. A change in color perception means that your view of colors is not as clear as it used to be.

Limited Peripheral Vision:  Side view is restricted and causes eye strain

Lights: Seeing light patterns such as patches and blinking lights without external sources.

I have poor vision and eye pain. I am still under medication for this particular illness of mine.

Photophobia (Peripheral Nervous System)

Photophobia is a type of sensitivity towards the light that causes discomfort and takes place in the PNS region. The main symptom of my Photophobia is my eyes tearing up under strongly lighted places. It can be itchy on the skin surrounding my eyes and also painful to the point of needing an ice pack as it feels either hot or warm around the affected area. This has restricted my days under the sun. I also wear photophobia lenses. These are lenses that darken under bright surroundings.

Lhermitte Sign

Lhermitte Sign, or Barber Chair Phenomenon, is a symptom wherein it feels like the patient feels electric shocks, hence the barber chair comparison. A sharp burst of pain that is similar to accidental electrocution taking place. It is a painful symptom, close to the pins and needle sensation often found in MS patients. This has caused me to collapse as the sharp jolt of pain always takes me by surprise.

Lastly, Epilepsy in Tonic-Clonic

Epilepsy in Tonic-Clonic is a type of seizure that affects both sides of the brain. It is a combination of symptoms in tonic and clonic seizures. Tonic pertains to the patient’s body stiffening while clonic is the convulsion-like movements the body does. The Tonic phase comes first and it is quite close to paralysis, only for a shorter period of time. Then comes the Clonic phase wherein I shake from head to toe. This epilepsy has caused healers to diagnose me with a demon inside me. Let’s just say Holy Water taste nasty on all occasions. Epilepsy in Tonic-Clonic is triggered by a variety of health conditions. In short, anything can trigger it.

As the years go by, I develop new complications. Medications prolong the arrival of relapse and lessen the chances of developing new illnesses. These are only five of the ones I remember. Yes, that’s how bad my memories can be with all these complications in my body. No one knows what illness I will develop next. However, I am leaving the worrying when it comes not while I’m still free from it.

Live, while you still can.


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